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Caring for every element of our lives

Too often we put ourselves at the bottom of the list of people we invest time and energy looking after. Without looking after ourselves and ensuring we stay well it becomes impossible to help others. Therefore it is really important to spend some time checking in on yourself and seeing what support you need to stay physically and mentally well.

With our new project, CCDT hopes to help everybody in the local community to find ways to care for themselves.  The Pavilion will be a space to help us to feel better, to be more content with how we feel, and where there is something that does not feel right, helping to provide the tools to change that for the better.

Christine Medlock has spent her career helping to coach people to find ways to help themselves. In advance of the Pavilion opening this summer Christine has provided us with a graphic that offers some advice on how we can spend a little time looking at what is working well in our lives, and identifying areas that need more attention. We look forward to providing one to one coaching and evening talks/support from Christine when we are open and, in the meantime have a look at how we can review what is going on in our lives today and how to take a little stock.

For more information and advice from Christine please do visit her site here.