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A daily walk – few things tick SO many boxes

How do you feel about walking? Do you love a good stroll or find it a “waste of time” in relation to getting fit & healthy?

Walking is an essential part of being human, it’s a full body movement which offers more benefits than any other exercise form I can think of! It is one of the most complicated things we EVER learn as a human and it forms the basis of all our other movement & exercise. Walking is incredibly sophisticated and requires huge amounts of coordination not only between body parts but between the body & mind. 

So with that in mind it’s no wonder that walking is so beneficial for our physical AND mental health. However walking does have a bit of a PR problem though as we tend to be so focused on losing weight and no one makes money from you walking everywhere (it’s might sound cynical but the health industry isn’t always that healthy!). 

Our brains have evolved to support movement so when we stop moving about it doesn’t function as well. Walking creates all sorts of rhythms that are important for our brain health, physical health, creativity, problem solving, memory and mood! AND walking can decrease the functional ageing of the brain, improve your bone strength and decrease the risk of urinary incontinence. 

If going out for a walk for the sake of it brings out your inner teenager (uhh, do I have to?!), try to incorporate it into your life (walk to the post office, walk & talk meetings, walk with a friend, walk instead of calling your neighbour (we just never do this anymore!!).

It doesn’t have to be a long hike, why not start with 10-15 stroll after your lunch/dinner? Not only will you feel better, you’ll be aiding your digestion and blood sugar management.

Use last months tracker to get into a daily habit!


Cecilie x

Cecilie Jacobsen