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Taster Day @ the Pavilion: A Chance to Try Something New

With so many classes, workshops, therapies and activities now offered from The Pavilion, on Havenstoke Park we thought we should give you a chance to try something new, for FREE! An opportunity for you to dip your toe into something you might not have tried before, or a class, treatment or therapy that has interested […]

Feeling Fitter for the Future

The Pavilion, Chichester, overlooking Havenstoke Park is developing quickly into a Mind Body Wellness space that will be open for business in June this year.  Incredible speed of building and sheer enthusiasm to work from the brilliant team at Architectural Homes, directed by architect Ella Pope, is driving this project forward with huge success. Soon to […]

A Living Testament to Those Who’ve Served our Community

Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT) is recognising our community heroes as part of the development of a beautiful new space for mind, body wellness at the Pavilion, on Havenstoke Park. Honouring those who have selflessly served the community of Chichester, supporting our mental or physical health in some way, CCDT will name each of the […]

Caring for every element of our lives

Too often we put ourselves at the bottom of the list of people we invest time and energy looking after. Without looking after ourselves and ensuring we stay well it becomes impossible to help others. Therefore it is really important to spend some time checking in on yourself and seeing what support you need to […]

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