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A Living Testament to Those Who’ve Served our Community

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Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT) is recognising our community heroes as part of the development of a beautiful new space for mind, body wellness at the Pavilion, on Havenstoke Park. Honouring those who have selflessly served the community of Chichester, supporting our mental or physical health in some way, CCDT will name each of the five wellbeing therapy rooms within the Pavilion after local heroes.  The charity is today inviting anybody from the Chichester area to nominate those that they feel most deserve such a testament to their hard work and community spirit.

The Pavilion, due to open this June, will include a pop-in café, fitness studio overlooking the park, and five therapy rooms.  Independent fitness experts will provide classes such as yoga, pilates and HIIT workouts along with evening workshops in the fitness studio, whilst a range of services will be available in the therapy rooms from talking therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy to reiki, massage and heartmath, as well as health and life coaching.  Community is at the centre of the programme, with a commitment to support everybody in the Chichester district, regardless of their age or experience, fitness or circumstance.  It’s about building connections and supporting each other.  For that reason, it felt the right decision to name the rooms after those people that have inspired others with their strong sense of community.

The concept of ‘paying it forward’ runs throughout The Pavilion and its work – the sense of helping others so that in time they too may help those in need of support in the future, once they feel strong enough to do so, creating a wave of positive action.  The pop-in café at The Pavilion will use revenues generated by the sales of fresh and nutritious food and drinks to help support sessions for the wider community, ensuring that nobody is left aside, particularly given the extensive social and financial challenges many are facing as a direct impact of COVID-19.

Clare de Bathe, Trust Director at CCDT said, “This is the most exciting, and well-timed project to be launching this summer.  Just as we are once again able to connect with others and begin to build our bodies and minds back up we will be opening this beautiful space, sat right alongside the beautiful Havenstoke Park. It has a natural sense of calm and reassurance that will benefit all those who come along.  We are so pleased that, as part of this project, we are able to recognise the immense work others have done to care for the community. They are our inspiration and we will be proud to have their names on the doors.”

Anybody wanting to nominate a local community member, including those no longer with us, are invited to do so by emailing the CCDT team at, with details of those they wish to nominate.   Further information on The Pavilion project can be found on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @thepavilionchichester.