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Three great reasons to get outdoors this autumn whatever your age…

Adults and young people can now enjoy three free programmes to benefit from the wellbeing the outdoors brings as Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT) announces the start of Wild Wednesdays up at Graylingwell Park this week. Each will be run by the incredible Dr Gavin Walker – a firm favourite with adults and children alike, and is completely free for people to participate in!

‘Into the Wild’ is an adult outdoor group that is completely FREE, providing an opportunity to get together with neighbours and friends or meet new people.  Take part in a range of activities to explore wildlife, and enjoy the outdoors at The Wild Space. Ideal for those who spend a lot of time working on a screen, feeling isolated or who just have an interest in wildlife – whatever their motivation, they will benefit from some time stepping into the wild!

Young people from school years 6-11 can enjoy ‘The Wild Space – Forest and Fire’ providing a chance to learn some survival skills if they dream of becoming the next Bear Grylls.  An opportunity to spend time outdoors, light fires, try outdoor cooking and exploring around the Wild Space. Held on Wednesdays from 4-5.30pm, young people must book their spaces in advance as the first week is already fully booked.

Yoof Group with Luffa Legend Dr Walker is held at The Water Tower, and parkland within Graylingwell, making a fantastic space for 11-18 year olds to hang out in every Wednesday evening.  No pressure on them, just somewhere FREE to chill out with other people their own age and take it easy from 6.30-8.30pm, with Dr Walker on hand to make it their space.  CCDT encourages young people to book their spaces online to give an idea of how many might come along, but those who forget are still welcomed in on the night.

“The last few years have been unbelievably tough on people of all ages and nature and outdoor spaces have proved essential in coping with the stress and anxieties that COVID brought.  As we enter an autumn and winter with different but still extremely complex challenges including cost of living pressures we want to make sure that people of all ages can still benefit from the beautiful outdoor spaces we have,” comments CCDT Director Clare de Bathe.  “People need spaces that help them feel better in the coming months and these three programmes will deliver just that.”

Those looking for more information or to book their spaces should visit the Chichester Community Development Trust’s What’s on page at, or email