Be-friending your Nervous System Workshop with Kathy

October 13, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Kathy Adams
07702 285113

The underlying foundation for our physical, mental and emotional well-being is our nervous system. In this informative and inspiring workshop you will learn to understand the workings of your nervous system and its impact on your ability to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally. We will also explore some simple takeaway practices that will regulate and optimise the way it works. We all need to learn to work with the body (a somatic approach) as just talking therapy, talking about our difficulties is limited for creating long term inner change.

  • You will learn some basic neuro-biology called The Poly-vagal theory, it’s life changing to understand what lies at the foundations of our health how and why the body regulates itself. Our underlying trauma load, made up of big and small experiences have such a huge invisible impact.
  • How when our body is dysregulated (aka stressed) it affect all our systems, the mind and emotions, the energy we have, our sleeping, our hormones and organs, and even our musculo-skeletal and immune systems.
  • Having a dysregulated nervous-system also affects our sense of ourself, our confidence and ability to fulfil our potential
  • It also can hugely affect our relationships, with our children, partners, family and friends. When we are dysregulated relationships suffer, when our nervous system is in balance they flourish.

We will do some system relaxing practices together that are easy to take home and use yourself.

  • Heart Math (a super simple quick meditation practice that is shown to be one of the fastest regulating approaches possible)
  • Some basic tapping or EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. Tapping on meridian points whilst tuning in with a ‘problem’ directly changes the Nervous System in the brain and body.
  • Ways to use your breath to calm you system
  • Also I’ll give you some other quickie fun to do nervous system soothing hacks.

Kathy Adams
is an ex nurse and has trained as a counsellor, EFT therapist, health and well-being coach, meditation teacher and is a therapist who integrates many different ways of working in a safe, mature, profound and gently supportive way. She works regularly within the NHS leading groups who so need to relax their nervous system because of serious illness including cancer.