Restorative Sound Bath & Meditation Evening with Sirenity Sound for The Soul

Sam from Sirenity Sound for The Soul will guide you through a deep relaxation whilst playing relaxing and soothing sounds to help you to deeply relax.

Sam will be playing gongs, singing bowls, flute, handpan, rain stick, rattles, shamanic drums and other percussion to create primordial sounds and vibrations.

You will experience powerful harmonic frequencies and transforming sensations which induce a deeply relaxing and tranquil meditative state.

Released from the limitations of the physical body and mind within this place of stillness you may experience a strong sense of inner peace, wellbeing and calm. You may also have valuable insights given the time and space for self-reflection.

Other benefits reported are a sense of wellbeing and space to allow your body to heal itself, reduction of stress, deeper sleep, relieves tension, lifts mood and can help anxiety.

The sessions are open to all (anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult) and no previous experience required to attend but not suitable for anyone under the age of 14, has epilepsy, a pace maker fitted or in first trimester of pregnancy.