POWER – Spin class with Elaine

February 12, 2024 @ 6:45 pm – 7:30 pm

“No ordinary spin class.” – Matt

More than an endorphin-boosting, sweat-inducing interval-based workout, POWER is an immersive group ride experience that empowers every rider to shift, mentally and physically, achieving lasting mind and body transformation.

“You have completely taken my fear away from spinning.” – Lauren
Expect high-energy space and a big-hearted bunch of riders, of all ages, fitness levels and spinning/pedaling experience.

Each 45 minute ride is led by Elaine, Chief Banana Officer. Elaine won’t yell expectations, or numbers, at you. Instead, you’ll listen to Elaine’s #bikechat – real-time words of positivity, mental strength and mindfulness, alongside a banging playlist.

“I like the way it feels like you’re the voice in our heads spurring us on. We are in control of the volume, the ride, the whole experience. It’s fantastic.” – Jo

You will arrive to find a sparkly-clean spinning bike, wireless headphones, a banana, and a pen. All you need is a bottle of water, a sweat towel and your best self. Elaine will introduce you to the bunch and set you up, ready to ride.

POWER is bananas. You choose if and when you write a word that motivates and inspires you, on your banana. Post-ride; refuel with the bunch, reflect, share, talk, or simply head home with your banana – memories, captured.

When Can I Ride POWER at the Pavilion?

Mondays at 6:45 pm
Mondays at 7:45 pm
Tuesdays at 6:15 am

New to POWER?

Welcome to the bunch.

How Much Does it Cost?

Pay-Per-Ride £13
5 Rides £60
10 Rides £110

How Can I Book?

Click here to reserve your POWER at the Pavilion bike/banana.