Practical Pilates – Evolve with Cecilie

December 6, 2022 @ 9:30 am – 10:30 am
Cecilie Jacobsen
07769 641 886

Practical Pilates – strength & mobility for real life.

Evolve – This is a class for a wide range of abilities and skills. You will be encouraged to become your own teacher so you can adapt any exercise to suit how you feel on the day. If you are in great health you’ll be given lots of opportunities to progress and evolve. If you’ve got a few challenging areas and/or injuries you’ll be supported to find modifications and adaptions so that you can move with ease despite any limitations. Whether you love exercising or not, you’ll love how you feel afterwards!

£11 per session (concessions available). Block bookings/ payments only.

Classes are varied, fun, challenging and super practical. You’ll come away feeling energised, uplifted and inspired. My principles of movement, mindset and lifestyle are interwoven into every class, giving you so much more than “just” an exercise class. With my Scandinavian background I focus on making health easy, accessible, practical and down to earth. My classes are a bit different with a blend of Pilates (with all its well know benefits to body & mind), Natural Movements (the practical element) and overall wellbeing. The practical element of the sessions means that you can take your learnings with you and practice in between classes. And when you start to make small, manageable changes to your everyday life, that’s where the magic happens!

The classes are for you if you are curious, open minded and motivated to learn about your body, its abilities and how you can stay fit throughout life. I support people break free from the limiting beliefs about their bodies and its abilities. You are much stronger and capable than you might think and I’ll encourage you to build confidence and trust in your body. Everyday tasks, sports and other activities will be more enjoyable with a new sense of energy and ease.