Tai Chi with Heike

December 7, 2022 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Pay as you go: £12 Pay up front: £9.50
Heike Brewster

Tai Chi is an ancient form of self defence and energy cultivation. As a moving meditation, Tai Chi helps you to connect with your inner being, encourages insight into what you want in life and empowers you to accomplish your goals.

The gentle yet powerful exercises and calming movements of Tai chi allow you to balance and transform your energy which encourages health of body, vitality of spirit and tranquillity of mind, creating a profound and rejuvenating effect.

The class is for beginners and students with some experience of Tai Chi. Students are encouraged to work at their personal level.

We study the Golden Flower Qi Gong Form which is an entry level Form and gives a solid foundation in the fundamental Tai Chi principles. 

Please wear loose comfortable clothing and flat soled shoes (e.g. Trainers) and bring a drink of water.

Price and enrolment:

Two options: pay as you go is £12 per session 

Pay up front for 5-6 week terms is discounted and works out at £9.50 per class, missed session can be caught up on in other classes during the same term